Feedback from Just, Michael, and Matt in the 5th grade

Things we liked about the project:
: Enabling the links to the listed Web sites because you can search for more information if it doesn't give enough information.
: Listing the most popular reasons of The World Wide Web because people can really understand how the World Wide Web works.
: Telling about Web sites that important people and celebrities visit and use so other kids might want to be like them.
: Telling about The World Wide Web actually interacting with Reality because adults will allow kids to use the internet more because it affects normal life
: You describe some of the words that are hard to understand because younger kids will learn more about words and their meanings.
: Telling about better Communication through the Internet helps because when kids grow up they need to know about these things.
2 Ideas for improvements:
: More Pictures and videos to help summarize the information because people find it harder to read all the text on the page.
: Warn people about how to use Avatars safely and properly because some kids reveal too much information about themselves.

1 New piece of information we learned:
: We learned about Avatars and how they affect the internet and how they symbolize yourself. Also, Avatars help you communicate and express your feelings.