Hi, our names are Kayo and Yuri. We're in 5th grade

We learned that:
1.The word a blog is a contraction of web log. This is important to us because we never thought that they were 2 words.
2.Blog means "any bit of media wherein the subject express his opinion or simply talks about something." This is also important because we always see people express their opinion of a topic. We really think you should keep that information.
3. We never knew that blogs can sometimes have something to do with political elections. The reason why we think that way is because we always thought that blogs only talk about school edu., opinions to something, or what happens to them, etc.

We liked:
1. how you explain what blogs usually have(
A blog is primarily textual, but some function as online diaries, photo blogs (photographs), sketch blogs (drawings or sketches), vlog (video blogs), MP3 blogs (music), and pod casting blogs (audio) are a few variations that can be seen online. )
2. We also liked how you showed a picture of many blog site logos.
3. how you explained many different topics in Web 2.0:

  • Education
  • Government, Politics and Employment
  • Arts, Entertainment and Leisure
  • Science, Environment, and Health

Things that you can change a little:

1. Make the text a little easier to understand.
2. Explain what i google is because we want to know more about what i google is for.

Over all, we think that you done such a great job for working very hard!!!
You also explain very good information in a blog that everybody needs to know.
Thank you for reading our opinions about your Web 2.0!
Continue to do a great job!