Our names are Sofia and Camila, and we are in grade 5.

This is some feedback for your project:

Here are 3 good things about your work:
1. Very good explanations and your paragraphs are just the right length.
2. Awesome pictures! :D They really fit your information. :)
3. Great use of words. (LOTS of details. That's a good thing.)

Here are 2 ideas for improvement:
1. Could you check that ALL your grammar is correct? And spelling?
2. Some of your vocabulary is challenging for the average reader. (Like: Compulsory, Sociometric, and agonistic.)

Here is 1 thing we learned from your project:
1. We didn't know that PLEs really affect how people vote in a public election. We also didn't know how easily you can tell if people are popular in school by their PLE. That is VERY interesting.