Hi! We are Olivia, Gwen, and Alex. Here is what we think of your videos.
Video 1

3 things we like:
• The visibility was clear
• The ideas were clear
• The video wasn’t long, so we didn’t get bored

2 things to improve
• Turn down the music because we couldn't hear what you were saying
• Give stronger examples

1 thing we learned
• Phones can be useful wherever you go (even school)

Video 2

3 things we like:
• The photos were clear
• The music wasn't too loud
• The photos related to what you were saying

2 things to improve
• Make some of the writing bigger because it's very hard to see some of it
• Speak a little louder because it was hard to hear most of what you said

1 thing we learned
• The amount of internet people use and other percentages