Student Reviewers: Souki and Ciel

Topic Reviewed: Mobile and Ubiquitous

The Fun Factor
1 Good things about the video

The one good things about your video is that around the last second of the video you said mobiles are the back of our generation and it could make people wonder what it meant and make a converstion going.

4 things that need to be improve on
You need to stop laughing during the video, and it didn't seem very serious. The second thing you need to improve on is find a seriously quiet spot in the school. And another thing you need to improve on is not talk really babyish or like, act kind of girly. I think you should be more serious with things like this.

1 thing we learned from your video
We learned that your mobile phone is like your life you use it for almost everything!!

Salmaan's Video-Impact on Education
3 Good Things about the Video

The three good things about your video is that you the language (words) you used easy to understand because you didn't use really difficult words like adults do. Another good thing your video has is that it had a lot of interesting information. The last good thing about this video was that you looked at other peoples point of view, like the teachers from other schools.

2 things to be improved about the Video
Two things that need to be improved are you guys are mumbling during your interviews.Speak louder and clearer and practice your lines and don't get disturbed by ANYTHING!!! Second, the background music was a little too loud and it disturbed our thinking and we couldn't hear you or the person you were interviewing.

1 thing learned about the Video
One thing we learned from the computer was:
Souki:I learned that kids in America use mp3s to record their teachers talking and it helps them remeber things and its easier then taking notes and it helps not to waste paper.

Ciel :I learned that I learned that mobiles are easy to use and carry around, such as labtops, mp3s', iPods, and cellphones, etc;

From: Ciel and Souki

3 good things about the Wiki
Three good things about the wiki are the picture is very funny it should make this Wiki page look more nicer. A second thing that is good about the video is the Wiki page is a good way to discuss Mobile and Ubiquitous information for mobile and ubiquitous. The last good thing about this page is that it gave us very new, and interesting information!

2 things to improved on the Wiki
You can do something for the page organization, like to put more spaces, or things like that.and you can also put in more pictures!

1 thing learned about the Wiki
Souki:I learned different and cool ways to use a mobile.
Ciel: I actually learned a different meaning for mobile!