Student Reviewers: Lily and Chandler and Raimy

Topic Reviewed:

How the World Wide Web Has Changed the World


  • There was lots of good information such as how internet has changed the world.
  • From other people's point of views
  • Telling about their experience before the internet

  • Try to speak louder and clearer so we can hear better and get more information
  • Lower down the background music, it's kind of distracting. (Or just take it out)

  • We learned how internet has taken away the power of the teachers and given it to other people, and how it has helped learning grow by being able to research faster.



  • There were lots of useful links
  • There were lots of good support and reasons for how the WWW has changed the world
  • There were lots of support and reasons on differences between the WWW and the internet

  • Simplify the text and make it easier to understand
  • Add more pictures so it can be easier to understand and it would be more interesting

  • We learned that the WWW was created by Tim Berners Lee, a British computer scientist
  • We also learned that within 5 years, the usage of the internet went from 600,000 to 40,000,000

  • The discussions are full of ideas and are helpful to other people and useful to upgrade the wiki
  • The discussions though, should be more open