Hi Todd, Alex and Sophie! We are grade 5 and 4 students named Kayla, Malina, and Sophie. This is our feedback on your videos:
Video 1 (Todd's Video)
The three things that we liked were:
  • Music,because it was entertaining to listen to.
  • Pictures,because they interesting.
  • The pictures matched what he was saying.
Suggestions to improve:
  • Try to talk louder, and clearer, because we couldn't really hear and understand what you were saying.
  • The music was a bit to load and we couldn’t hear your awesome voice.
One thing that we learned was:
  • That some I-pods have internet.

Video 2 (Alex's Video)
3 things we liked:
  • Music, because it was entertaining
  • Credits, no other video that we watched had credits
  • More than one persons opinion about what they thought,about having a cellphone in class.
  • Stopped music when they were talking in class.
2 of our suggestions:
  • Make it more easy to understand, we didn't understand your main idea
  • Speak louder when the music is not playing.
1 thing we learned was:
  • Alot of people like to use electronics instead of books for studying

Video 3 (Sophie's Video)
3 things we liked;
  • Load and clear voice,
  • Good ideas,
  • Convincing
2 suggestions:
  • Talk a bit softer,
  • Talk a bit happier- you sounded a bit sad. One thing we learned was:
  • We can change how we learn with technology.