Hi, we are Phu, Hankyu, and Josh.

Video 1:

One thing we definitely liked was how you showed how technology improve over time and this is more of being interesting, but there was no talking and we didn’t have that in the other videos, but we sure liked it.. Also, we liked you being creative on that swirly belt kind of thing in the “The Future” part.
To make a suggestion you could have put labels underneath the pictures so we know what they are and maybe you could added some background music next time.
One thing we learned was that there are already many prototypes for technology in the future.

Video 2:

One thing we liked about your video is that is that the man described the different uses a phone can have. Another thing we liked is that you used expressions to emphasize your point. Also, we liked how you used very modern phones such as the BlackBerry to show how modern today’s technology is.

One thing we suggest is you work on is making the voices loud and clear. One more thing is your video really sounded like a commercial for the BlackBerry rather than show how it’s used in education.
One thing we learned is that a phone can have an incredible amount of uses such as FaceBook, Internet, etc.

Video 3:

We really liked your video Shannon especially the way you emphasized your point and persuaded people to use modern technology for the education for the next generation after the Baby Boom. Also we liked the way your compared the old way of teaching and the new way of teaching using technology. Another good thing was how your speech was very organized like an essay.

One thing we hope more for is for you to go deeper into each subject that your discussing and show both the good and bad sides of each, so we get an idea of how the modern technology can be a better tool of learning. Also, even though we could hear your voice, there were occasional drum sound(?).
If there was anything we learned, one of them was definitely that modern technology for education is already very much progressing around the world rapidly.