Hi this is Pedro, Matt, Alex, and Hollie. We are in grades 4 and 5 at the International School Bangkok, Thailand. We are giving feedback on your projects to help you improve.
Video 1
3 things we liked:

-We thought it very creative that you used earth day as your example
-We also liked that used credits to give us an idea of what it is based about
-We like the uniqueness of the video, the thing we thought was unique was it was used to pick of trash.

2 suggestions for improvement were:

-To make voices more clear and loud
- make subject more obvious and clear

1 thing we learned:
- cell phones can be more than a nonsense

Video 2

3 things we liked:
- We enjoyed the catchy music and it caught our attention
-We liked the way the video connected to learning and it persuaded us to let us use phones in school
- We liked that there was a variety of photos, video recordings, and voice

2 suggestions for improvement were:
- Double-check the spell and grammar errors
- Break down the amount on words on a page

1 thing we learned was:

-Phones can actually be useful for learning

Video 3

3 things we liked:

-We liked that you included reasons to why we should have phones not books.
-We also liked that you included humor and serious at the same time.
-We liked that you explained what you were talking about.

2 Suggestions for improvement:

-We thought you guys needed to speak louder and more clear.
-We also thought you needed to include more participating students so that the video can be more interesting.

1 thing we learned was:

-We learned that there is a solution for heavy books so people can study easier.

Video 4

3 things we liked:

-We liked the pictures from before and after that shows the phones now.
- We also liked that you included a range of photos.
-We also liked that some photos were clear.